Rig: Drake TR4C, C-line
and Tentec triton



Ant: 6 bands GP
and 2 x 19 mtrs dipole

I got my license as SM5TA 1960, and have made about 43.000 contacts in 263 countries.
Most of them in telegraphy, which is a very nice way to communicate.
With amateur radio it is easy to get friends all over the world.

My first amateurstation 1960.
Receiver: Canadian VRL 19 tube, Transmitter (Homemade): 6J6,EL84,807

on my old Quad-antenna
after autumnstorm

My new 6-bands GP

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Are you interested in knowing more about amateurradio you can get more information by:  http://www.svessa.se

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